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What is Neurofeedback?

Your brain controls the way you experience the world, how you feel about your life, how you act and how you sleep, digest and otherwise care for your body.

From before you were born, your unique brain developed habits in the way you did those things, and those habits continue with minor changes to this very day.

You may have wished—or even tried—to change some of those things: to sleep more restfully or feel more positive or pay attention better. If so, you know that it is not easy. You don’t choose these habits. They just happen. You don’t control them, they control you.

You know that your body produces different energy levels. When you run, your heart beats faster, you breathe deeper, your muscles activate. When you lie on the beach, those patterns change completely.

You probably also know people who are able to produce higher energy states more easily and maintain them longer than you. There may be others who are able to relax more fully. Some may be able to do both.

You may also know that you can actually change the energy habits in your own body. Practice aerobics or yoga consistently, and your body’s habits and capabilities can change in lasting ways. And when you are able to do things differently, you feel differently about yourself.

What if you could exercise your brain? What if you could increase its ability to produce higher energy levels for learning, thinking, concentrating sharper and longer? What if you could make it better able to be still and calm, creative and trusting in lasting ways? Imagine how a few simple changes like that could change the arc of your life. You could be a different person.

You can be a different person. That’s the promise of brain-training.

Training your brain with a process called neurofeedback is like training any other part of your energy body.

Consistently doing simple exercises for the brain—not the mind—has changed the brain habits of tens of thousands of people around the world over the past 50 years. Today, with Brain-Trainer International’s powerful, convenient program tailored to your specific goals and brain habits, you can develop a new you. In just 3-5 hours a week. In 3-6 months.

Here’s how:

The first key to success: A unique training plan for each unique brain. 

BTI’s TQ8 software helps you select changes in multiple areas of your life. It identifies brain energy patterns that are blocking change. It specifies what and where to train in a Whole-Brain training plan. It even lets you track results.

The TQ8: ​A Personalized Training Plan​​

TQ8 does all this on your computer in minutes. Auto artifacting and the Auto Plan help even a first-time trainer to produce life-changing outcomes. Want to train your own brain, the brains of loved ones or those of clients in your profession? TQ8 provides customized, sophisticated, easy-to-use guidance. Even complex brain issues related to injuries, seizures, autism, trauma, use of medications or drugs—regardless of the cause—TQ8 provides the roadmap to real-world change.

Using advanced proprietary algorithms, TQ8 verifies the quality of your recordings and identifies the patterns related to the habits you want to change. It provides a written report in various languages, a process for defining key goals to be tracked, and step-by-step instructions for achieving them..

Standard QEEG (Quantitative Electroencephalogram) compares micro-measures from an individual brain against a database to identify measures where the client’s brain varies from average.

TQ8 (Trainers’ QEEG) goes a step further: Rather than train toward average, it identifies patterns that researchers have shown to correlate with specific problem areas. Training focuses on helping the brain release those patterns. The goal is to let each brain become the best it can be, not just to make it more average.

In addition to its remarkable automatic processing options, TQ8 lets experienced trainers manually control the process. Using TQ8’s multiple maps, graphs and tables that provide detailed information, the trainer can produce what he or she considers the best plan.

And how much does all this power cost? The TQ8 allows unlimited use for less than a dollar a day—just $25 a month. We really want you and your clients to succeed!

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