BT2 Training System

Unlock Your Brain's Brilliance with
BT2 Training System

Experience the cutting-edge of neurofeedback technology with the BT2 training system – a groundbreaking solution that is poised to revolutionize the way we enhance our brain’s abilities. 

Welcome to a new era of brain-training. The BT2 training system isn’t just software; it’s a comprehensive neurofeedback ecosystem designed to guide you toward optimal brain function. Seamlessly record files for TQ assessment and embark on a journey of self-improvement that’s intuitive, efficient, and backed by state-of-the-art technology. With an online manual and automatic updates, your path to unlocking your brain’s full potential has never been clearer.



Dive into the heart of cognitive transformation with BT2’s sophisticated training protocols. Crafted by Brain-Trainer, a leader in neurofeedback, these protocols cover a range of amplitudes, connectivity, symmetry, and deep states. But the journey doesn’t end there. As we continue to advance the field of neurofeedback, you’ll receive free updates to keep your training at the forefront of innovation.



Experience a symphony of feedback options that cater to your brain’s unique needs. BT2 offers an array of options including music, shadow, video, and game feedback built directly into the system. The upgraded version of our music-based feedback, refined over a decade, allows your brain to compose its own melodies, serving as a guide toward optimal brain states. And with 5 brain-controlled games included in the basic package, you’ll explore new dimensions of training like never before.


BT2’s integrated software, designs, and feedback modules empower you to personalize your neurofeedback journey. With protocols spanning amplitudes, connectivity, symmetry, and deep states, you have the toolkit to craft your unique brain optimization plan. Adjust thresholds during sessions, track your progress with insightful graphs, and choose feedback modes within each single design. Enhance your experience with add-on games, taking your brain-controlled training to the next level.



Choose your path to brain brilliance with BT2’s diverse training categories:

TQ Assessment: Harness the power of data to create a comprehensive brain training plan. Choose from 1, 2, or 4-channel protocols based on your amplifier.

HEG (coming soon): Increase blood perfusion to the prefrontal cortex, enhancing attention, impulse control, and emotional stability. Master both “closed focus” (increase training) and “open focus” (decrease training) paradigms.

Frequency: Guide frequencies up or down and explore relationships between frequency bands.

Connectivity: Foster coherence and synchrony among distinct brain regions, nurturing holistic brain function.

Balance: Fine-tune frequency relationships across brain regions, fostering equilibrium in brain performance.

Alpha: Immerse yourself in the 8-13 Hz frequency range, cultivating relaxation, access to the subconscious, and deep states through protocols like Alpha-Theta.

Unlock your brain’s potential with the
BT2 training system. 

Join the ranks of those committed to tapping into their brain’s extraordinary capabilities. 
Your brain’s journey knows no bounds – set it free with the BT2 training system.

BT2 Subscription

$30 per month
  • Monthly subscription
  • Digital license key
  • Single computer license

BT2 Perpetual License

  • One-time purchase
  • Digital license key
  • Single computer license

BT2 Monthly

  • Monthly payment

BT2 Lifetime

  • No monthly payments

Minimum Computer Specifications:

 Operating system: Windows 10 or 11 64bits;

– Intel core i5 – 8th Generation*;

– Ram Memory 8GB;

– 240GB Solid state drive SSD with optional Hard drive 1TB;

– 2 USB ports (1 for amplifier; 1 backup/extra);

– Powered USB hub for more devices (keyboard, mouse, gamepad);

– Nvidia dedicated card optional;

– Two Video outputs (HDMI + HDMI or HDMI + VGA) for dual monitor display**;

– Monitor HD 15’’ minimum for trainer;

 Minimum screen resolution: 1360×768

– Monitor/TV recommended for trainee/client;

– Sound card + (Headset recommended for trainee/client) or Speakers.

*8600 – 4/6 real core;

**Laptop: only 1 HDMI output is necessary

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