Whole-Brain Training System

For more than 50 years, neurofeedback brain-training has helped people of all ages change the habits of how they think, learn, feel, act and perform. From autism to Post-Traumatic Stress, from improved sleep to peak performance, from getting off meds to aging, changing the stable energy patterns in your brain can change how you experience the world and yourself in it. Spend 3-5 hours a week; for 3-5 months. Transform your life.

Since 2002 Brain-Trainer International (BTI) has made sophisticated, individualized brain-training convenient and accessible. A single integrated system can be used with dozens of clients in an office or school. It can be used by a whole family or work team. Train your own brain as you would any other part of your body.

tq8 on computer screen
TQ8 - Assessment System
The first key to success: A unique training plan for each unique brain.
BT2 - Training System

Unlock Your Brain’s Brilliance

Hardware & Accessories

Change the habits that control your life.

Who can do Neurofeedback?


Brain-training is a non-invasive system for showing the brain what it is doing, so it can change its own habits. It is a tool that can be used by anyone.

Clinicians around the world use brain-trainer’s powerful system as a part of their work with clients. Parents, educators, coaches and individuals also get results outside the clinical model. Brain-trainer offers the same practical, affordable integrated systems and support to ANY person wishing to train brains responsibly.

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