Test Recording

Before sitting down for your actual assessment, apply electrodes to your (or a volunteer’s) head and connect to the amplifier for a test recording. Check the signal quality. Do your best to get all channels with a good signal as described in previous lessons. Record just step 1 – EC (eyes closed), a single minute of recording.

Open the BT2 software and select TQ (Record TQ assessment). Select the TQ protocol to start the session (e.g. TQ4C).

Select client or “Add new.” Click OK.

Click the Source button and select the amplifier for your system (e.g. Neurobit Optima). Click OK.

Click the amplifier button to open settings and select the number of channels for your amplifier (e.g. 4 channels).

Select Linked references and close the configuration window.

Press “Play” to start the recording. Close eyes and the program will record the first minute of data. At the end of one minute, you should see a message stating whether a sufficient amount of data have been recorded. Look at the spectral display and oscilloscope. See if you can evaluate whether your signal quality is good.

NEXT:  Send the recording to your mentor for review.

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